Monday, May 28, 2012

2012 Voter Question Guide

Election questions from Maria Turner

What unique experience qualifies you to hold this office?

What do you see as the major work and challenge in the ______
Office in the next four years?

Please describe your administrative experience.  What are your primary strengths as a supervisor? As an administrator?

What forms of voluntary professional and community service have you been involved with?

Do you see a need for changes in the way this office relates to the public or to the rest of county government?

What do you consider the three key issues to be addressed in the next term?

For challengers: How have your prepared to run for this office? For incumbents: What have been your contributions to your office in the last four years

How will you encourage Smart Growth in the county/township?


In view of the decrease in state revenue sharing, how would you prioritize county services?

Assuming a need to make substantial cuts in the county budget, what process or measures would you advocate to deal with a budget shortfall?

Would you or would you not make changes in the county process of requesting two percent monies from the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe? Please explain.  

How should the county commission work with the townships to ensure an adequate balance between preservation of farmland and open space and urban growth and development?

Expand on an issue(s) of importance to you and list your priorities should you be elected.

What practices are in place or would you like to see in place to ensure the Commission adequately responds to the demands of county growth?

What process or measures would you advocate to deal with the budget shortfall?

What are the main challenges the county is facing?  How would you deal with these challenges?

What practices are in place or would you like to see in place to ensure funds allocated to county departments are spent judiciously?

Do citizens have adequate opportunities for input into governmental decision making process?  Please elaborate.


Are there current sentencing guidelines you would like to see changed? Please expand.

What specific guidelines would you use to ensure victims’ rights are protected?

How should this office relate to the public?

What do you perceive as the greatest obstacle(s) to justice?

What do you think is the appropriate relationship between the Prosecutor’s office and other law enforcement professionals and agencies? How would you achieve this relationship?


Do you see a shift in the types of crimes in Isabella County?  If so, what are your plans to address this?

What will be your approach to the increase in substance abuse and the crimes associated with it?

What, if any, changes would you implement in the operation of the sheriff’s office?

Do you believe there is adequate communication and cooperation among the various law enforcement agencies?

How should the sheriff’s department relate to the public?

Is there a role the sheriff’s department should play in addressing the needs of “at risk” children and adolescents in our community? If so, please describe.


How will you increase the number of voters in Isabella County?

We have seen improvements in voting access with the provisions of the "Help Americans Vote Act." In your view what are other steps that can be taken  to continue providing equitable, easy and fair access to the polls?


(None offered)


What practices are in place or would you like to see in place to ensure the Board adequately responds to the demands of township growth?

What is your position regarding the sharing of governmental services such as fire; police; parks and recreation; water and sewage treatment among local units of government?


(None offered)

(None offered)

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