Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Final mural

Panel 8


A complex systems is hard to understand unless we build a model of it that helps us see what is happening. For example, if we put a magnet on a table with a piece of paper over it, we can see the magnet’s force field by carefully sprinkling iron filings on the paper. The filings follow the lines of force. The magnet is an attractor. When you are in High School, you will perform this experiment. The attractor shown in our panel is much more complex. It is a four dimensional field of energy.

The blue lines moving in every direction flow into and out of the attractor, which mixes them and sends them in new directions, over and over. The attractor may change over time. Imagine your brain as an attractor. Your senses bring information to your brain. You process it, save some of it, or send it to someone else. This is how you learn about the world and how to deal with it.

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