Monday, August 20, 2012

Mural 7 of 8

Panel 7

This picture is like a dream. Dreams often tell stories that make us happy. I hope this one does. What strange things appear. We are high in the sky (see the airplane far below us?). The bird is a long tailed Bird of Paradise which has flown out of a cage with an open door. If you look steadily at the cage something special happens: the bottom of the cage moves toward us and the dome moves away. This is called an “optical illusion.” The cat looks on steadily, musing about where the bird will go. Perhaps the answer is in one of the books she sits on. Look, one of the books has a ribbon. That may be a clue. The statue of an old philosopher has grown a stone beard. The other statue of a rhinoceros doesn’t know what to make of his being here. The candy cane floats lazily toward us. What time is it? We can’t tell, because the sand in the hour glass is flowing up-side-down. There is nothing in this dream that threatens us. We are safe.

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