Friday, July 26, 2013

Rainy Day for Art Reach Chair Affair

The 2013 Art Reach Chair Affair entries were judged from noon to 1 pm on July 26, 2013. The judges were Nichole Sanders, Roxanne Schultz, and Rose Wunderbaum Traines. The on-and-off rain did not deter them from examining each of the 45 entries.

 There were prizes if $100 for First place, $75 for Second, and $50 for Third in each of two categories: Chairs and benches painted by community artists; Chairs and benches painted by art educators and their students.

 Among community artists, First place went to Wendi Johnson. Her host was Northwest Mutual. Second place went to Terry Blodgett, hosted by Trillium. Jan Weston took Third, hosted by Crème de la Crème.

 First place for art educators went to Mt. Pleasant High School, hosted by Commercial Bank. Renaissance Academy took Second, hosted by The Plate Boutique, and Joslin Clous took Third, hosted by Total Eclipse.

 The photos below show the exhibit outside Art Reach on Broadway. In the top image judges Schultz and Traines are hard at work, top left. Judge Sanders, with her two grand children are seen below. The MPHS chair is second from the left. The third photo shows many of the entries under the tent that fended off the rain. Click to enlarge.

 The bottom image shows many of the entries. Wendi Johnson’s chair and table are in the top left photo.

 A Public Choice award of $100 will be announced after the final voting by noon on Saturday, July 27.

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