Monday, August 5, 2013

A sample of Art Walk Central

The 2013 Art Walk Central begins on August 7. There are 119 art entries from around the country that will be exhibited in 29 Mt. Pleasant businesses, galleries, and public parks. Maps to help you locate each piece will be available in the Morning Sun, at Art Reach, and other venues. Voting for the People's Choice Award begins August 7. Twelve awards totaling $20,500 will be divided among the youth and adult (over 17) categories thanks to the many generous sponsors. Winners will be announced during the Art Reach Auction.

Shown below are three marvelous examples of entries on display at the Art Reach Gallery, 111 East Broadway in Mt. Pleasant.

The top installation is by Maria Michaels. It is called “The Petrie Series: Benzene.” The viewer sits on a bench and pedals to create electricity, which then generates images of benzene particles on the ceiling. Astonishing!

The center piece is a charcoal drawing by Maddie Chafer drawn for a ninth grade art class!! It is called “Seven Billion”. This young artist has amazing talent.

At the bottom is a set of drawings that should really grab young viewers. It is “Assembler” by Jonathan Chaffer and shows each of the Avengers, the Marvel animated series heroes.
The Morning Sun will run more complete information of Art Walk Central later this week.

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